Eagle Slough Natural Area- Enjoy Hikes and Nature Walks
Published On April 15, 2018

April 15, 2018

The Eagle Slough Natural Area is apart of the Sycamore Land Trust, which is an organization dedicated to preserving the ecological state of forest areas in Kentucky. This specific land trust offers a gorgeous view of the wildlife in the area while expanding over 127 acres while providing an easy walking trail for those visiting the area to explore. There are a number of things to do and see while exploring this area, such as birdwatching and walking. Containing fantastic sights of the wetlands and an open water lake, as well as some of the largest Bald Cypress Trees in the state of Kentucky, a trip to the Eagle Slough Natural Area is one that you should definitely make!

About the Eagle Slough Natural Area

With over 160 species of birdlife to see, it’s no wonder that many who come to the Eagle Slough Natural area partake in birdwatching. The Eagle Slough Natural Area features platforms for bald eagles to nest on, as well as observation decks, so that you can observe the avian wildlife leisurely and in comfort. Famous for the Warblers, a species of bird which is specific to the Evansville area, the Eagle Slough Natural Area is full of amazing sightseeing opportunities that you won’t want to miss.

One of the many highlights of the Eagle Slough Natural Area is the walking trail open to the public. Extending to about 1.2 miles in length, the walking trail of the Eagle Slough Natural Area will provide a breathtaking view of the wetlands and the open water lake. The trail includes many observation decks for those interested in stopping to view the wildlife. While walking this trail, many like to stop and observe the plant life as well, which is renowned for being as specific to the area as the avian life is. Full of extraordinary sights, experiences, and things to do the Eagle Slough Natural Area is a must-see for anyone in the Evansville area.

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